On arrival at the Comox Valley Recovery Centre, the client is welcomed by the staff, and taken on a brief tour of all of the buildings. An intake process will be carried out by the night attendant, and the client is asked to provide a written autobiography. This provides the counsellors with a starting point in understanding the client and his needs. Following that, the client is assigned a specific counsellor, whom he will meet with weekly for one-on-one counselling sessions.

For the first seven days, a client must remain at the centre and refrain from outside contact–except in an emergency. However, in his second week, he can attend three outside meetings. Weekend out eligibility will be supported during your last weekend in the program.

7:30 am – Wake up, shower, and complete house chores

8:00 am – Breakfast

8:30 am – Breakfast cleanup

9:00 am – First morning session/ one-on-one sessions for scheduled clients

10:15 am – Coffee break

10:40 am – Second morning session

12:00 pm – Lunch break

1:30 pm – First afternoon session

2:30 pm – Coffee break

2:45 pm – Second afternoon session

5:00 pm – Dinner break

5:30 pm – Free time

7:45 pm – Outside AA/NA meetings

10:00 pm – Curfew/ Lights out