While in residence clients are encouraged to maintain their medication routine. All medications are required to be BLISTER PACKED. To avoid disruption with medications please follow one of the following guidelines listed below.

  • Ensure your medication is acceptable at CVRC
  • Bring enough medications for your entire stay in BLISTER PACKS. Simply tell your pharmacist to BLISTER PACK your prescription when he fills it.

  • OR

  • Bring a new unfilled written prescription to CVRC, upon arrival we will have our pharmacist fill it into a BLISTER PACK

  • OR

  • Have your physician fax your prescription to our pharmacist at 250-338-9470 for BLISTER PACKING and delivery. If your physician sends your prescription by fax, please clearly state that it is for CVRC and also note your arrival date.

  • Be reminded to bring funds to cover the cost of your prescription where necessary.

  • DO NOT bring medications in bottles, if you do we cannot blister pack them and you will be required to obtain a new prescription which may include another cost to you.

Upon arrival medications will be placed in a secure location and dispensed as prescribed. Please do not bring any opened vitamins, across counter medications, etc., these items will only be dispensed where seals are unopened