What is supportive recovery?

Our Centre has been helping those with a Drug and/or Alcohol problems for 35 years. Our qualified Counsellors have a combined total of 50 years of continuous sobriety which was accomplished through their own 12-step program. Our extensive experience has proven a very important fact which must be taken into account; every chemical abuser has two things in common—denial and a refusal to accept the seriousness of their malady. Our goal is to break down denial and help the client admit he has a problem and can no longer use mood altering chemicals of any kind. We accomplish this through video presentation, group discussion, peer feedback, and lectures dealing with the recovery process. Most of our material is AA and NA related. Both programs are used world-wide, have proven results that they work, and are inexpensive. Clients must attend 3 outside AA/NA meetings a week and complete Steps 1-4 in the 28-day program, Steps 1-7 and extensive relapse prevention in the 42-day program, Steps 1-10 in the 60-day program, and Steps 1-12 in the 90-day program. This is done by following a guide given to them and when completed is reviewed jointly by client and counsellor. After completing our program you will have a solid understanding of both the AA and NA programs and the necessary tools to help you make the right decisions. Most importantly you will have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and will understand that the choice of freedom from all chemicals is now in your hands.


How do I apply?

Contact CVRC at 1-250-338-7144.


How long is the program?

We offer 28, 42, 60, and 90-day programs. Clients may extend the length of any program and remain at CVRC working on their recovery for up to 6 months.


Do I have my own room?

All clients have a roommate, two to a room and 4 clients to a cottage with shared bathroom.


Can I have visitors?

Visiting hours are Sundays 1 - 4 pm (after 1 week restrictions).


Can I go out on my own?

For your own safety when you leave the Centre you must always be in the company of another client.


Can I bring my own vehicle?

You may—however, upon arrival, it will remain parked until you depart.


Can I smoke?

Only outdoors. No e-cigarettes permitted.


Is there a curfew?

Actually there are several curfews, 5pm dinner is a curfew, and 10pm is the evening curfew.


Is there somewhere to do laundry?

We have onsite washers and dryers that require 1 loonie per load. Don't forget your soap powder.


Can I use the phone to call home?

The clients have their own payphone. After your first week of restrictions you may use that phone. You will need to have money or a phone card.


Can I bring my guitar/electronics (cell phone, iPod, etc)?

For the comfort of all clients musical instruments are not permitted. You must also leave any electronics (i.e. cell phones, pagers, iPods, laptops, videos or dvd collections, etc.) at home.


Will I be given a urine screen?

During your stay you will be subject to random urine analysis. If positive, you will be required to leave the facility.


Is anywhere in town off limits?

While in residence at CVRC clients are not permitted to enter liquor establishments, pool halls, arcades, or service clubs. Futhermore, clients are not permitted to enter gambling establishments.


How many groups is there in a day?

There are usually 2 morning and 2 afternoon groups. Daily program varies, for example: Wednesday afternoons are taken up with bowling instead of group session.


How often do I see my counsellor?

You will have a scheduled appointment once a week. However, counsellors have an open door policy and you are invited and welcome to see them as often as you choose.


How many clients are there?

We do continuous intakes and usually have 16-20 clients in residence.


What if I need to see a doctor?

Our house doctor is available for clients on Tuesday mornings. Emergency situations will be presented at the local hospital.


Who makes my outpatient appointment upon departure?

Your CVRC counsellor will set up your aftercare appointment prior to discharge.


When I leave is there a graduation?

Yes—all clients experience a graduation and receive a 28/42/60/90 day chip.


Will you get in touch when I leave?

Unless specified otherwise we will attempt to contact you at 6 months to see how you are doing. We invite all clients to return for a 1 year celebration if they so choose.