The CVRC requires all applicants to complete our pre-admission package. Please contact our receptionist at 1-250-338-7144 who will fax or email the package directly to you. The CVRC can admit clients who meet the criteria within 24 hours.

Who We Serve

The Comox Valley Recovery Centre supports chemically dependent males over 19 years of age. All potential clients are advised to meet the following criteria:

  • Fully detoxed (min. 72 hrs) unless medical detox is required first
  • No pending warrants or court dates
  • Ability to participate in all aspects of our program (we are wheelchair friendly)
  • Willingness to comply with all CVRC guidelines
  • Prescriptions in place for entire stay (including methadone)

The CVRC also supports EFAP, SUIP, Employer, and Union referrals.


For current rates, please contact the facility at 1-250-338-7144. It is the responsibility of the client to arrange funding prior to entry. Possible options may include:

  1. MHSD
  2. Addiction Services (only available to clients that belong to the clinic)
  3. Employment Assistance (Union)
  4. Employment Insurance
  5. Privately

For more information about funding and program access please call our receptionist at either of the numbers listed above. All of your questions will be answered and information gladly provided. The CVRC is a registered member to MEDICARD. To apply through MEDICARD, click here.